Therapy Services



Individual therapy is traditional “talk therapy” where anything from feelings of sadness, anxiety, negative thoughts or life transitions can be addressed and resolved. I specialize in body dysmorphic disorder and co-occuring disorders such as anxiety, depression, OCD, social phobia and PTSD. I utilize a variety of modalities which will include interpersonal therapy, CBT, mindfulness and behavioral therapy.

Although some issues will take time to resolve my approach to therapy is solution focused. We will take time to process and reflect but also to create specific action steps meant to change old behaviors or patterns that emerge during therapy and that does not serve you well anymore.


Each year in the United States, 15-20% of new mothers ( about 1 million women) experience perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and some studies suggest that the number is even higher (Maternal Mental Health NOW, 2018)

Finding out that you are pregnant usually stirs up a host of  emotions.  It is a time full of hope, expectation, and joy. However, for many, it is also a time of anxiety, sadness and difficulty dealing with the changes taking place in the environment, in relationships and also in the body.

Although much is known about postpartum depression and anxiety, there is not as much information or treatment available for expectant mothers.  I feel strongly about building a network of providers who specializes in treating and supporting women while pregnant.  I conduct one-on-one counseling as well as facilitate a process group for women who have not yet given birth, but still need the support.

The postpartum period is usually defined up to one year after giving birth and it is common for mother’s to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and isolated during this period. There will be times of incredible joy, love and happiness as well of course.  If you are suffering from a perinatal mental health disorder or if you are just feeling a bit overwhelmed and need support for a short period of time, I am here to help. Therapy can be long-term or brief. Common areas of concern include but are not limited to anticipating your baby, infertility, premature birth, a traumatic birth experience, pregnancy loss, adjusting to motherhood, fighting the Baby Blues, postpartum depression/anxiety, prenatal depression/anxiety, bonding with your baby, establishing a new routine, body image issues, role expectations with your partner/family, back to work issues and more.




A place for all mothers to connect to each other and create their tribe! This is not a mommy and me group but babies (younger than 9 months) are more than welcome. We do not want the lack of childcare to prohibit you from attending this group. This group is for mothers who want to connect to other women and share the joys and hardships of motherhood and how it’s affecting your relationships, feelings of being isolated, sleep and/or emotional well-being. All topics welcome.  We are looking forward to meeting you!